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A super-sized team version of the classic naval guessing game, played across public spaces.

The cowardly Captain has abandoned his post, leaving just the brave but clueless cabin-boy in charge of the whole fleet!  Will you step aboard to save the day?

Using binoculars, flags and flashcards to signal spectacular hits and unlucky misses hundreds of yards apart, it’s all hands on deck to try and sink the enemy’s aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines before they sink yours.

Join the crew and use all your cunning to call in the shots and plot your opponents’ downfall.

- - -

Game design by Simon Day and Malcolm Hamilton
Photos by Paul Blakemore

Created using public funding


Game specification:

  • Players: 14 players per game, plus spectators

  • Deep play immersion experience

  • Outdoor or shopping centre/large indoor space

  • Footprint:  each station approx 5m square,  2 stations positioned 50+ metres apart (can play much further)

  • Communicated in gobbledygook and visual- suitable for no english languages

  • Suitable for 7+ years as players, Dads, Mums and Grandparents always join in too!

Mufti Games is a true example of great family work, high quality aesthetic, clever concepts, popular with grown-ups and children alike.
— Cathryn Peach Creative Producer, Wild Rumpus