The Team


Malcolm Hamilton
Creative Director


Malcolm is a founding member of Mufti Games.  For years he was an actor, playing on stages and screens, being characters from Peter Pan to 188 188. He voiced a car, read storybooks in Geordie and flew around the world filming beer adverts. On moving to Bristol he started making his own shows and wouldn’t let it go. In 2017 he received a Leverhulme Scholarship from Bristol Old Vic to develop his practice around play. He studied play online with the University of Sheffield and started experimenting with play in different contexts. Malcolm loves playing imaginary games with his son; running in the woods, and his favourite board game is still backgammon.


Bryony Morgan
Visual Storyteller


Bryony has professionally been sharing businesses tales for the past 15 years. First training as a nurse she has administered her marketing medicine to creative entrepreneurs, food retailers, boutique tea companies and pubs. She also lectures on an event management degree and runs Made in Bristol, an events and retail focused project aimed at collaborating with designer makers to build their businesses. Always up for cake. Bryony’s favorite board game is Meeple Circus.

Jenny Male
Company Manager


Jenny originally studied at art school before training as an English teacher and jetting off Vietnam. It was here that her love of games grew, as finding (or making up) the right game to practice language made all the difference- it’s amazing what can be done with very limited materials! Following this Jenny felt the pull back into the arts and has worked for both commercial and non-profit organisations including Society of London Theatre, National Campaign for the Arts and TRG Arts where she project managed consulting relationships with theatres around the country.  Jenny is also a Co-Founder of Caraboo Projects art space in Bristol where development and fundraising are her focus. As Company Manager she steers the ship for Mufti Games, managing touring and working with Malcolm to find new opportunities. Her favourite games are Dobble and occasionally the cereal box game.

Samuel E. Taylor
Editorial Research Associate


Sam is a writer, theatremaker and facilitator working on a range of projects in development for stage and screen. He is currently in receipt of 3 years funding from the Institute for Education for a practice based PhD in collaboration with Bristol Old Vic, exploring the lived experience of young people from seaside towns. A sore loser, his favourite game is Settlers of Catan.


Board Members


Becky Summerling

Becky lives in Leeds and works as a documentary researcher. She joined Mufti Games to explore the potential of playfulness as a mode of being and a way of thinking, something that is increasingly important in this world we live in. Her favourite games are sardines - seek & hide - and Dixit.

Matthew Fulford

Matthew is a property manager for a University.

He Joined Mufti Games because he’s interested in how play can be used to break down barriers and make for more meaningful communication.

Hi favourite game is the one with loads of names- Mob-Mob, 123 Home, Forty-forty or whatever else you called it growing up. Although nowadays as a grown up he'll settle for a game of Settlers of Catan.

Roderick Hamilton

Roderick is a University Outreach Officer who specialises in STEM education, he joined Mufti Gamesi for the creativity and play, and his favourite game is Arkham Horror or Mage: The Ascension.




Founded by
Simon Day, Malcolm Hamilton and Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper, Tara Sachdeva, Claire Crawford

Performers and Theatre-Makers
Chris Collier, Rebecca Hall, Kim Heron,  Jonny Cotsen,  Rew Lowe, Katie Storer, Mary Eddows, Linzy Na Nakorn, Emma Keaveney-Roys, Harry Humberstone, Alex Scott, Adam Blake, Andy Kelly, Rachael Clerke, Isobel Collier, Jesse Jones, Rowan James, David Ellington, Fionn Gill

Designers/Makers/ Tech
Corina Bona, Will Datson, Hilary Statts, Kelly Jago, Priormade, Kerry Russell, Matt Breddy, One Five West, Pod Farlow, Russell Hancock

Kid Carpet, Simon Panrucker,  Wojzec Rusin

Photography, Film and Graphic Design
Paul Blakemore, Jonathan Li @ the Noun Project, Liam Cooper, Jack Offord

Technicians and Stage Managers
Chris Collier, Juliet Taylor, Nettie Miles

Emily Way (administrator and games master)
Charlie Arthur (History and Heritage Student placement from UWE)